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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

team-face, action trio-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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The New Leverage Headquarters (the loft above Luke's), Sunday night
Eliot got back to the island much later than he'd originally expected. After the cemetery, Trudy had dragged him home to properly meet his nieces and nephew, and reacquaint with his brother-in-law. It'd all been ridiculously overwhelming, and he and Trudy hadn't been done arguing, and Trudy hadn't even been close to done hitting him -- and Eliot hadn't been able to wipe the smile back off his face until the moment Jake had mentioned inviting his father over for dinner. (Trudy had talked Jake right back out of that idea, thank god, so Eliot didn't have to hear his dad refuse.)

It was well after dark by the time he got back to the island, and he was exhausted -- and not even remotely ready to go back to his quiet house. So he headed for Luke's instead, stopping in the dining room just long enough to grab some of the day's leftover cold cuts and rolls on his way upstairs.

He knocked on the door, smiling to himself as he thought back on the conversations through the day. And how he'd laid claim to Hardison and Parker out loud. Announced them to his sister. "Come out."

It was a hell of a thing.

[ooc: for thems on the other side of the door.]

"Can you believe it?" Hardison was still ranting, yes. "Man, he leaves a message an' tells me, 'Call your Nana.' Like I'd forget. What, like I gotta be reminded to call my nana? Yeah, I need to be reminded about this from Mr. I Can't Be Bothered To Leave Useful Messages. It's a good thing he called an' told me about that. I mighta forget. Cause, y'know, I ain't been doin' it for years without him tellin' me."

"Nope. You would never forget," Parker confirmed. Then she did a dive-roll to the door off the couch, and got up on tiptoe to peek through the peephole. "Eliot!" She beamed and punched in the code to the door to let him in. "We have gummy bears. And where were you?"

"Hey darlin'," Eliot greeted, leaning in for a kiss. "I had a thing to do. You didn't eat the gummy bears for dinner, did you?"

"He was visitin'," Hardison grumped, pulling a face at Eliot. Yeah, he'd figured out your code, Eliot, just minutes after he got it. DIDN'T MEAN HE APPRECIATED THE WARNING ANYWAY. "Your message still sucked."

"He called his Nana," Parker reported, then wandered further in to the apartment. "I had the gummy bears for dinner, but I was going to eat a carrot for dessert. Who did you visit?"

"What?" Eliot shrugged at Hardison and started setting out the cold cuts and rolls. "It was succinct." TOTAL EFFICIENCY. "I, uh. Went home. To Oklahoma." These cold cuts needed to be very carefully arranged, okay. "Saw my sister."

"Told you," Hardison said, absolutely not sulking because Parker had gotten a kiss and he hadn't. Whatever. He didn't care. He was still grumpy anyway. "Thought you just sent flowers an' stole pictures."

If Hardison came over to greet Eliot, he'd get a kiss right away, too.

"How did you --" Okay, that question was stupid and Eliot wasn't going to finish it. "I lost track of the date. Forgot to set up my usual messenger."

'Forgot.' Yeah.

Parker leaned over Hardison's shoulder, watching the byplay like a ping-pong match. If one watched those from halfway over someone's head.

"Is she okay? Is your nephew okay?" Parker knew that he'd mentioned a nephew at some point, vaguely. "Date?"

Go figure, Parker didn't track Mother's Day on her phone.

"Mmmhmm." Hardison wasn't moving. You'd left with a stupid message, you had to come give him kisses. "Cause you're so bad at rememberin' dates an' stuff. Certainly didn't make sure to remind me."

"Sophie might argue with the word 'forgot'," Eliot admitted. "It's Mother's Day, Parker. I went to visit my momma's grave, and Tru was there, too. Her kids are doin' fine." And were very excited (albeit confused) to finally meet their uncle Eliot.

He finished putting together a couple sandwiches and brought them over to the couch, flopping down next to Hardison. "I, uh. Told her about you guys."

"Told her... what?" Parker asked, a little wary now. Although she was eyeing that sandwich pretty hungrily.

"Told her?" Hardison said, grabbing a sandwich. No kiss for Eliot, though. He was clinging hard to his dudgeon, thank you. "About us? Like, you told her about some of what Leverage does? Or...told her. About us."

"Told her." If Hardison wasn't going to go for the kiss, then Eliot would just have to do it himself. "About you."

Parker watched the kiss a moment, then happily slipped the second sandwich out of Eliot's hands, taking several bites while she waited for that kiss to shake out, leaning into Hardison's back.

(Even though her curiosity was eating at her like she was eating the sandwich, and she wanted to know what his sister said, and what he said then, and and and...)

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