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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

team-face, action trio-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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Just outside of Prom to the New Headquarters of Leverage, Inc. (the loft above Luke's), Friday night
"So," Eliot said, once all three of them were out the door and far enough away that any impending flailing wouldn't block the other exiting traffic. "We gonna go have a threesome now, or what?"

As plans went, it lacked a certain grace. But Eliot had always been the sort who liked to get straight to the point.

[ooc: for thems what are in the icon. Finally! OH YEAH ALSO nsfw]

Hardison was turning towards him at the same time, prepared to offer an invite back to their place where a far more subtle seduction was planned. But then the words that had come out of Eliot's mouth registered in his brain and coordination flew out the window. He managed to get out a strangled "Ahh--" before tripping and knocking into Eliot.

This, he had not expected. Even with the flirting before, it had failed to occur to him that Eliot might have a) figured out the grand Plan E and b) beat them to the punch.

Parker stared from one to the other for a minute, brain whirring a million miles a minute.

"My kisses are magic!"

... that was a yes, Eliot. Wait. "Yes. We both say yes!"

Eliot, being Eliot (and, you know, not currently suffering from shock), didn't so much as stumble when Hardison knocked into him, instead catching him and steadying him by the arm. "And this is why I didn't just ask in there," he said, unable to keep from grinning.

You know, there were benefits to this whole stumbling like an idiot thing. Example one: currently being against Eliot. See? He was a genius. "Girl, I told you they were," he said, unable to stop grinning. "I mean, yeah man," he said, trying to play it cool and missing by roughly a mile. "I mean, if you're down. I'm pretty sure we didn't have anything on our agenda for the rest of the evenin'."

Which reminded him of their conversation earlier.

"Wait--is this what you meant about plans?"

Best Eliot. Very best.

"Oh! Oh oh oh oh and we're the people you had your eye on!"

Both guys were getting hugged at once here in Parker's excitement, because finally, and also: "I was worried!"

"Yes," Eliot said, and tugged on Hardison's arm and leaned into Parker's hug to try and get the two of them moving, because there was an inside where they could be having this conversation. An inside where the admittedly amazing clothing they were all wearing could be removed. "And I thought I was layin' it on too thick. I let Hardison play with my hair, for chrissake."

That was enough to get Hardison moving, at least. "'Let'?" he scoffed. "Man, don't even front. I started messin' with you hair an' you were done. If I were less of a gentleman, I coulda convinced you to bail right then."

Big words for the guy who'd been literally left flat-footed not a minute before.

"I get to play with your hair now too, right?" Parker asked, leaning into Eliot, one hand going up to his neck. "It's pretty hair. We were going to ask you tonight, but we just decided tonight, because we didn't want you going home with someone else first." She stopped and whistled for a rickshaw. "Vamanos!"

And there Eliot went with the eyes falling shut and the leaning into it. And a tiny thrill of panic at the realization that he really was pretty much done when either of them did that.

Eliot was not good at vulnerability.

"Yeah, and what exactly was the endgame of 'plan E'?"

Hardison didn't stumble this time. Instead he coughed a few times and looked around, ostentatiously not looking at either Parker or Eliot. "What man? Didn't catch that."

Aww yeah. Nailed it.

Parker was walking backwards toward their place now, looking as innocent as she could, given what they were planning when they got home. The rickshaw probably wasn't going to get fast enough to be worth it.

"Endele!" Yeah, she wasn't going to even try to address that.

"I think Parker has officially run out of patience for your slow-playin' it," Eliot told Hardison.

Why, yes, he still had a good grip on Hardison's arm. Why did you ask?

"This is what happens when you don't tell me I'm takin' too long," Hardison said, spotting their rickshaw turning onto their street. "Really, this is all your fault."

And, since he'd just been accused of slow-playing it, could he really be blamed for leaning in to steal a quick kiss?


Yes, that's what Plan E stands for, Eliot.

Parker didn't take her eyes off her guys as she stuck her arm out in the street and said, "Luke's, twenty bucks in it if you get us there in two minutes and don't look in the back."

Then, "My turn!"

Oh hey. Those were Hardison's lips on him. Eliot barely had time to register it, and was attempting to chase those lips back when he realized what Parker was saying.

"Yeah, darlin'," he said, and turned to chase her lips instead, his hand still firmly on Hardison's arm. "That sounds like a plan."

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