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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

actual happy-face, charming-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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75 Godiva Street, Saturday morning
Eliot was chained fast to the chair, unable to move more than a few inches in any direction. He yanked at the bonds anyway, rattling the chains, and growled.

"Now, Mr. Spencer." His captor stood just out of punching range, or what would be punching range if he managed to get his arms free. Her thick accent made her words hum faintly against his skin. "What are we going to do with you?"

Eliot smirked. "Well, Ms. Dayan. I've got a few ideas."

Mikel stepped forward, her barefeet making not a single noise on the cold wood floor. She leaned down, putting her hands on Eliot's thighs, her face close to his. "Is that so?"

Vic appeared from behind, her arms folded across Eliot's shoulder. "I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to let the prisoner run the interrogation."

"Nah, man," Hardison called, from where he and Parker were watching from Nate's couch in the Boston offices. "This will
not do. The atmosphere here is all wrong. You wanna get some music goin', maybe some Beyonce, go it old school with some Billie Holiday -- I mean at least Barry White. At least."

"You should have a harness," Parker suggested. She popped some popcorn in her mouth and grinned. "Hang from the ceiling." Eliot heaved a sigh as Mikel and Vic both wandered off, turning his head to tell his teammates just what he thought of their 'helpful' suggestions, when something crashed in the kitchen
and he opened his eyes.

He lay still for a moment, just staring up at his ceiling and trying to will away the lingering vestiges of the dream, then heard the crash again.

Right. The puppy. Or possibly Parker trying to make 'subtly' wake him up, though he suspected she'd be back on the mainland with Hardison by now. He sat up, looking out the bedroom window. The storm had passed, and judging by the renewed background hum -- and the lack of fireplace in his room -- the power'd come back on in the night. Time to figure out this whole puppy invader thing once and for all. He got up, pulled on some pants, and headed out to see what the damage was.

And saw the puppy on the floor amidst the scattered remains of what had been a nice batch of oranges arranged in a bowl on the counter, pinning a scaley green thing twice her size to the floor, her teeth against its neck just hard enough to establish dominance without breaking the thing's skin.

When she sensed Eliot had come in, she looked up, wagged her tail once, and expertly flipped the thing over onto its stomach with her paws, then grabbed it by the back of the neck and dragged it, flailing weakly, to the front door. Eliot followed after and opened it up, and the puppy trotted outside, flung the thing down onto the front walk, and barked at it until it went scurrying away into the bushes. She looked back up at Eliot, head cocked, then looked where the monster had gone, then back at Eliot.

"Yeah," Eliot said. "Alright." He stepped back from the door, giving the puppy room to come trotting back in. "Come on, then, Val. Let's get some breakfast."

Valentine the puppy yipped happily and followed along at his heels, the teeniest bit of gremlin scale still caught in her teeth.

[ooc: and thus ends the saga of Eliot being adopted by a puppy. Open for interaction if anyone is interested!]

There was a stomping noise, and then very loud steps from the staircase.

Parker looked something like the Michelin Man as she came into the room.

Eliot looked up from where he was watching Val eat. "I'd ask if you were going to climb a mountain, but I'm pretty sure that outfit was less puffy."

"I am getting to the bus stop, and then to Hardison." Parker had her Insane and Determined Face on. "Because I am not a bad girlfriend." She had snowshoes in her hand. Eliot's snowshoes, to be clear.

Eliot would point out she hadn't asked to borrow those, but, well. This was Parker.

"You know how to walk in those things?"

"I've been walking since I was one!"

...so yes, in theory.

"Right," Eliot said, smirking. "Silly me. Just try not to break those things, okay?"

Parker waved an irritable hand at him, then smirked back. "You're having a good hair day."

Random thought was random. At least if you didn't take a certain pollen into account.

"Come on, Puppy! We're hiking in the drifts!"

Eliot reached for his hair, far more pleased by the compliment than he should have been. He hadn't even brushed it, yet.

"Wait, you're stealin' my puppy now, too?"

"She's my snow buddy." Waita minute! Parker clapped her hands in the enormous mittens she'd put on. "Wait, your puppy!?"

Eliot was trying not to think about the thin, strong body under Parker's almost comically large winter gear. He'd figured the puppy would make a good distraction, but the way Parker's face lit up was not helping matters at all.

"She seems pretty insistent about it," he said, crouching down to rub Val between the ears. "Who am I to go against a girl who knows what she wants?"

Plus, you know, the whole "taking down a lizard monster thing twice her size" thing. He could be reasonably sure she could take care of herself, now, if he went out on a job someday and couldn't come back.

Parker made a high-pitched noise. Then got out her phone very fast to take a photo to send to Hardison. Captioned: VERY ADORABLE, Y/Y YAY?

"Awwwwwwww! What's her name now? SEE! You can have nice things!"

Eliot snorted. "Never said I couldn't." He straightened up, picking the dog's valentine off the counter and showing it to Parker. "I been calling her Val."

No, but you didn't not say it very loudly, Eliot.

Parker blinked at the valentine, then at Val. "Did you buy this?" She would't put anything past the puppy at this point. "Also I didn't get you one. 'Cause of not knowing I'd be here."

Hardison had had a plan for what to send Eliot, but who knew if it would make it there now.

Val yipped and wagged her tail.

"Wasn't expectin' you to," Eliot said. He'd gotten her some flowers through the student council sale thing, but that was totally just to support the school.

Totally. That's why they weren't signed.

Shut up.


"Happy Valentine's Day anyway, I hope you have good sex," Parker said earnestly. "And don't freeze to death. We'd worry if you did that." She petted Val's head and beamed at the DAWWWWWW text she'd gotten back from Hardison. "Snowshoes!" Deploying!

... kind of.

Dammit, Parker just had to bring up sex, didn't she. Eliot didn't want to think of where his dream might've gone if the dog hadn't woken him up first.

"You know, you could just wait a bit for the roads to get cleared, right?" She could sit back. Relax. Take that ridiculous coat off so Eliot could actually see her body.

On second thought. . . .

"Yeah, I know." Parker wondered if this was a point at which to punch his arm? Was that still a flirting thing? But it was Eliot, maybe she'd just wind up flipped onto the floor. Was that a bad thing?


"Restless. Also, I put on all these clothes," she explained. "You can walk me there though. Except I have your snow shoes."

Hey, Eliot would never flip Parker onto the floor. You know, unless she asked nicely.

"I've got another pair." YOU NEVER KNEW. "Should take Val out to get her exercise, too." Val had apparently already learned the word 'out' and started dancing around in an excited circle. "Gimme a couple minutes and I'll go with."

"Yay!" Parker leaned down to scratch behind Val's ears. "Plan. Mush!"

Val licked her chin.

Eliot left the two of them to it, swinging into the bathroom before grabbing his snow gear. He didn't know what Parker was talking about; his hair looked terrible. He pulled it back in a sloppy ponytail, yanked one of his beanies on, and ducked into the basement for his spare snowshoes.

"I still don't have a leash," he noted when he came back up. "Think she'll wander off?"

It seemed rather unlikely. She'd put too much effort into wandering in, after all.

"Pffftt. No!" Val was way too smart for that, whooza good puppy? Parker patted the puppy's head. "She kept finding her way back to you, she'd still figure it out in snow. She loves you!"

Val danced around in a circle and dashed to the front door expectantly. "No way to tell her 'no' now," Eliot decided. "Alright, let's get a move on. Hardison'll get cranky if you take too long."