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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

over the shoulder-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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The roof of 75 Godiva, Saturday morning
Eliot had come up to start working on his garden for the season, but got sidetracked. First by what sure as hell felt like an impact tremor (it was a very distinctive variety of earthquake). And then by the fact that his usually largely unobstructed view of land along the horizon line in the direction of Baltimore was now a largely unobstructed view of absolutely nothing along the horizon line.

"That don't bode well," he grumbled. "That don't bode well at all."

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Eliot rolled his eyes at Hardison, then went to see if he could shoo the rabbit away before it started trying to dig at his foundation.

He barely started out the front door before the rabbit charged, and he even more barely got the thing closed again before the rabbit smashed against it. The door rattled hard in its frame as Eliot threw his whole body into keeping it closed.

"Right, these ain't just normal rabbits on growth hormones."

"The egg ain't give that away?" Hardison demanded, his shoulder also pressed against the door. "What the hell is wrong with this island?!"

The door shuddered again, and Eliot wished for the first time that he hadn't gotten rid of the iron bars he'd installed during Gaunt's reign of terror.

"Dunno. Maybe it thinks we all need to be more proactive celebratin' Easter."

"I will dye eggs this afternoon!" Hardison shouted through the door. "An' hide candy for Parker to find!"

The door just shuddered a third time.

"Dunno if that's it."

"This door ain't gonna hold up to much more of this," Eliot observed. He was giving serious thought to starting to keep a sword handy in, like, an umbrella stand by the door. "If I run out there and try to get this thing away from the house, you gonna tell Parker I was being stupid?"

It wasn't like they could let it keep trying to smash their door in.

"Probably," Hardison sighed. "So you'd better gimme somethin' equally stupid to do so I got a reason to keep quiet."

". . . Research rabbit repellant?"

"With my vast rabbit resources I got on hand here?" Hardison asked.

The internet was down, Eliot!

"You asked for something stupid." Eliot smirked at him, then grimaced when the door shuddered again, and made a horrible cracking noise. "How about speakers? Maybe we can drive it off if we give Val's volume a boost."

"Stupid, not impossible!" Hardison protested. "...I could do that though. The speaker thing. You gonna be good with the door by yourself?"