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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

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Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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Out in the Preserve, Tuesday afternoon (and later)
Eliot could hardly believe he'd managed to talk Hardison into this. Sure, he'd managed it last year, too, for their first anniversary, but that was April. This was February. It wasn't super cold out -- there was no snow on the ground, and it spent enough time above freezing every day that nothing had iced over -- but it wasn't warm, either.

At least Hardison couldn't complain too much about pollen, this time of year.

Parker, of course, was totally down with the plan. She liked it when the boys initiated the romantic ideas, and she was up for anything that might involve s'mores and/or swinging around from trees. Eliot had even recruited her, along with some very well paid rickshaw drivers, to help him set everything up. A simple -- if lavish -- tent in the woods wasn't going to cut it this time. This time they were going to have themselves a whole cozy yurt.

It wasn't a large structure, not for just the three of them. It was just large enough to accommodate a king-sized air mattress, several piles of plush pillows and cushions, and a portable generator, all arranged around a modestly sized indoor fire pit with enough room to keep anything from catching fire. Warm paper lanterns and fairy lights lined the crease where the ceiling met the walls, the floors were covered in soft, warm rugs, and every lounging surface was covered in cozy warm furs and fleeces, as well as more typical fabric blankets.

"Right," Eliot said, as he pulled a box of matches from his pack and got the fire in the pit started. "So once this sucker warms up, there's only one rule: no clothes on in the yurt."

[ooc: for the partners, and up early for slowplay purposes.]

"I like that rule!" Parker was saying, already wriggling her sweater off over her head. "We really have to keep Hardison warm, though. He gets so cold. Maybe he can wear a hat? A knit hat?"

Or he could wear her sweater on his head like a turban, since she just shed it in his direction.

"I already have a hat," Hardison said, pointing at the pink, kitty-eared hat that his Nana had knit for him. He was also unfastening the buttons on his shirt. Because naked yurt time was clearly a priority. "But I agree with the keepin' me warm thang. It's cold up in here an' I need snuggles."

"Snuggles will be had," Eliot assured them, with tremendous dignity. "But I'm tellin' you guys, it's gonna be plenty warm in here. You think I'd be enforcin' naked time if it wasn't?"

Please. Cold and naked time didn't mix. Even a heathen like Eliot knew that.

"Just give the fire a minute and wrap yourselves up in some furs in the mean time." He gave one ear of Hardison's hat a playful tug. ". . . You can keep the hat on if it makes you happy, though."

"I like these furs. And the fairy lights." Parker was naked by now, and kind of rolled up like a burrito in one of the furs. Well, mostly. Her legs were kicking free as she rolled over to look at the guys. "Valentine's Day really is good for something besides all the chocolate. But I did bring some chocolate syrup too."

Hardison hurried to finish stripping down to nothing, then slid down onto another pile of furs, kicking his legs up a bit. "A'ight, these are comfortable as hell," he said, knowing how ridiculous he probably looked in his pussy hat and not caring a whit. "I'd like to veto us gettin' chocolate on these furs, though."

Eliot nodded. "No chocolate syrup on the fur," he agreed. He'd only made it to topless so far, what with having to get the fire going, but he paused to pull a cooler out of his pack. "Chocolate covered strawberries only get a little melty before you eat 'em, though. . . ."

What? They were sure to have a long, cozy, very active night. They needed to keep their energy up.

"Oooooooooooo." Parker beamed happily, making grabby fingers at Eliot. Then grabby fingers in Hardison's side, looking for ticklish bits. "Are we still thinking of going to Florida over Spring Break? Since Kathy and Raven have moved out?"

"Not sexu! Not sexy!" Hardison declared, trying to writhe out of Parker's reach. But, you know, not too far. Because no!Parker was far worse than tickling!Parker. "You thinkin' the Keys again? We could take Eliot's boat."

Eliot nodded. "It'll be nice gettin' her out on the water again." He did the occasional tour of the island just to keep her in working order, but it wasn't anywhere near the same thing. He finished setting out the chocolate covered treats (strawberries, cherries, and marshmallows, all done up fresh today in class), then leaned in to drop a kiss on Parker's cheek while he finally got his pants off. "Another fine plan from the mastermind."

Parker beamed at them both, and took a strawberry, savoring her first bite. "I just wanted to get away after. You know. Los Angeles." She scooted over to give Elliot room to get in with them. "It's not so bad now. But we could still use a nice time away from all the extra drama."

"Yo, I wasn't even in Los Angeles an' I'm ready to get away from it," Hardison said, grabbing another strawberry to feed to Parker when she was done with her first. "It's been a hell of a winter already."

"Here's hopin' the hard part's over," Eliot agreed. He kicked his pants into the corner with his pack and settled in next to Hardison, relishing the feel of the fur on his bare legs.

This was his best idea yet.

He leaned his head onto Hardison's shoulder and tugged at the ear of the pussy hat again. "Let's not talk about Los Angeles today though. Or -- any of that other crap."

"No talking any more about depressing stuff, got it." Parker stretched up to nip at the strawberry Hardison was holding out for her. "Just happy stuff. Or happy sounds. Like nom nomnom nomnomnomnom..."

That wasn't the happy sound Hardison was thinking of, but it worked for now. He snagged another strawberry, this time holding it up for Eliot to eat. "Guess we gotta do what she says," he declared. "Start makin' some happy sounds, yo."

Was a startled, snorting laugh a happy enough sound? Eliot lounged almost bonelessly against Hardison's shoulder and caught the offered strawberry with his teeth. "Mmm," he said dramatically, looking over to catch Parker's eye and deliberately immitating the tone he'd used a million years ago when Sophie recruited him to help her teach Parker how to be persuasive.* "I love strawberries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit."

* way back in season 1, episode 11, "The Juror #6 Job", true believers!

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