February 13th, 2017

inner light-face

Out in the Preserve, Tuesday afternoon (and later)

Eliot could hardly believe he'd managed to talk Hardison into this. Sure, he'd managed it last year, too, for their first anniversary, but that was April. This was February. It wasn't super cold out -- there was no snow on the ground, and it spent enough time above freezing every day that nothing had iced over -- but it wasn't warm, either.

At least Hardison couldn't complain too much about pollen, this time of year.

Parker, of course, was totally down with the plan. She liked it when the boys initiated the romantic ideas, and she was up for anything that might involve s'mores and/or swinging around from trees. Eliot had even recruited her, along with some very well paid rickshaw drivers, to help him set everything up. A simple -- if lavish -- tent in the woods wasn't going to cut it this time. This time they were going to have themselves a whole cozy yurt.

It wasn't a large structure, not for just the three of them. It was just large enough to accommodate a king-sized air mattress, several piles of plush pillows and cushions, and a portable generator, all arranged around a modestly sized indoor fire pit with enough room to keep anything from catching fire. Warm paper lanterns and fairy lights lined the crease where the ceiling met the walls, the floors were covered in soft, warm rugs, and every lounging surface was covered in cozy warm furs and fleeces, as well as more typical fabric blankets.

"Right," Eliot said, as he pulled a box of matches from his pack and got the fire in the pit started. "So once this sucker warms up, there's only one rule: no clothes on in the yurt."

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