June 13th, 2015

inner light-face

CMA Music Festival, Nashville, TN, Saturday night

It was hot and muggy and extremely crowded. The final act of the night -- Carrie Underwood -- was taking the stage and the crowd, exhausted but buzzing from a full day in the sun, still managed to let out one hell of a roar.

Eliot, Hardison, and Parker were up high in the back of the stadium, kicking back, in part to get away from the crowds, and in part to give Hardison room to get his eye rolling and and terrible country accents out of his system before he managed to get someone to throw a swing at him.

Again. Throw a swing at him again. Eliot had already finished two fights for Hardison since they got to town, and as much as he enjoyed it, they were trying to keep at least a little bit of a low profile. Country music could have a long memory, and there were still a few hardcore "Craniacs" out there who might recognize his one-hit-wonder persona.

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