June 6th, 2015

gender-swap - bemused-face, gender-swap - side-eye face

75 Godiva Street, Saturday morning

It took Eliot approximately two seconds after he woke up to recognize that something was distinctly not right. He sat up slowly, noting the -- rather drastic, really -- change in his weight distribution, especially across the chest. He didn't remember straining anything working out, yesterday, or anything else that would account for any of this. And anyway, it didn't hurt. His whole body just felt . . . weird.

Which for a guy who spent his life insanely aware of his body and how it was functioning was just a little bit disconcerting.

He finally got around to opening his eyes and looking down about ten seconds after he woke up. The growled out "Dammit, Fandom," was rather higher pitched than normal, but no less deeply irritated.

Sometimes he really did hate this island.

[ooc: for those who'd be in the bed with him.]