May 10th, 2015

daddy issues-face

Outside Oklahoma City, Sunday morning

So it was Mother's Day. The day didn't usually sneak up on Eliot the way it had this year, but he'd been, well, distracted. What with Fandom and his crew and all the wonderful and terrifying things that came with Fandom and his crew. So when he woke up Sunday morning and realized it was Mother's Day and he hadn't set up his usual flower delivery, he immediately scheduled a portal and picked up a bouquet of lilies on the way out. He remembered at the last moment to leave Hardison a quick message ("Going out of town for the day, will be out of contact. I'm not crazy and I'm not running away. Also, call your Nana."), then very shortly found himself walking through a cemetery outside Oklahoma City that he hadn't physically visited in more than a decade.

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The New Leverage Headquarters (the loft above Luke's), Sunday night

Eliot got back to the island much later than he'd originally expected. After the cemetery, Trudy had dragged him home to properly meet his nieces and nephew, and reacquaint with his brother-in-law. It'd all been ridiculously overwhelming, and he and Trudy hadn't been done arguing, and Trudy hadn't even been close to done hitting him -- and Eliot hadn't been able to wipe the smile back off his face until the moment Jake had mentioned inviting his father over for dinner. (Trudy had talked Jake right back out of that idea, thank god, so Eliot didn't have to hear his dad refuse.)

It was well after dark by the time he got back to the island, and he was exhausted -- and not even remotely ready to go back to his quiet house. So he headed for Luke's instead, stopping in the dining room just long enough to grab some of the day's leftover cold cuts and rolls on his way upstairs.

He knocked on the door, smiling to himself as he thought back on the conversations through the day. And how he'd laid claim to Hardison and Parker out loud. Announced them to his sister. "Come out."

It was a hell of a thing.

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