March 29th, 2015


75 Godiva Street, Sunday afternoon

Eliot was very, very slowly cleaning up his house. Staying with Parker and Hardison was fine -- better than fine, so much better than fine -- but that apartment wasn't exactly large, and there was a reason he'd moved to the island in the first place. He was a country guy, deep down, and he needed his space.

And if part of him was thinking about how to convince Parker and Hardison to move into his house with him so he could have that space and cuddle hang out on the couch with them, too, well. Everyone had their idle fantasies.

So the bear traps had all been locked up in a closet in the basement. The steel bars were taken down from the doors. He hadn't gotten to the nets in the vents yet, or the snare on the stairs, other than deactivating it, since he was pretty sure ladders weren't a great idea right now. The cameras up by the ceiling he'd taken out by throwing boots at them. He'd get around to sweeping up the busted up bits of them later. Right now, he was taking a break. Definitely not sitting on the floor because he'd over done it and wiped himself out.

Though he had to wonder if he had when the giant yellow teddy bear walked in his front door, and before Eliot could do more than attempt a swing at its fuzzy black nose, wrapped him up in a giant yellow teddy bear-hug.

"If you don't let me go, I will stab you in the face."

The bear just hugged him harder, lifting Eliot up off the floor.

He never should have put those bear traps away.