March 23rd, 2015


Luke's, Monday

The kitchen staff was being weird again. This time they were huddled together, staring at him from around the head cook, who looked like he wanted to bolt at any second.

"What?" Eliot asked.

"We don't want you in the kitchen today," the cook said, managing to keep his voice from wobbling. "We can't concentrate when you're being terrifying."

Eliot set his jaw. His brows drew together into a remarkable angry V and his nostrils flared. The kitchen staff all took a collective step back.

"Get back," Eliot said very carefully. "To work."

They bolted for the kitchen door. Eliot rolled his eyes and leaned against the lunch counter.

Too terrifying to work in the kitchen. What a load of crap.

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Luke's was not open, today.

[ooc: preplayed with the tremendous whoisalicewhite and age_of_the_geek, who've been remarkably patient with me driving my character crazy and having him take it out on theirs.]