March 6th, 2015

stripper-face, jacket-face

75 Godiva Street, Friday evening

Eliot was feeling good once he left Leland's shop. There was a spring in his step he didn't usually have unless he'd just won a very satisfying fight. He headed home -- finally, he'd actually literally just gone straight to the shop when he got back to the island -- and waited until he was inside, the door locked up tight (double bolted, alarm system set, and everything double checked) before he pulled the necklace out of his pocket. He rubbed his thumb over the curve of the claw as he pulled his coat off and tossed it in the corner, then leaped onto his couch in a way that actually made it groan faintly.

"Dunno what I was thinkin'," he said, looking the necklace over again, taking in all the details. "This was a damn good deal." He took another few moments to admire it before putting it on, then leaned back on the couch and put his feet up, enjoying the cool weight of it around his neck. Aimee had loved this thing. Thought it was completely bad ass. He'd never quite had the heart to tell her it was her dad that gave it to him in the first place. That kind of thing tended to ruin the mood. And when they were out in the woods, parked in his beat-up, fifth hand pick-up, cicadas buzzing in the dark, the distant bark of a dog --

He sat up sharply, eyes wide. "Dammit. Val!" He patted down his pockets, then looked back where he'd thrown his coat. "The hell did I put my damn phone?"

[necklace detail nfb, please!]