February 14th, 2015

actual happy-face, charming-face

75 Godiva Street, Saturday morning

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He lay still for a moment, just staring up at his ceiling and trying to will away the lingering vestiges of the dream, then heard the crash again.

Right. The puppy. Or possibly Parker trying to make 'subtly' wake him up, though he suspected she'd be back on the mainland with Hardison by now. He sat up, looking out the bedroom window. The storm had passed, and judging by the renewed background hum -- and the lack of fireplace in his room -- the power'd come back on in the night. Time to figure out this whole puppy invader thing once and for all. He got up, pulled on some pants, and headed out to see what the damage was.

And saw the puppy on the floor amidst the scattered remains of what had been a nice batch of oranges arranged in a bowl on the counter, pinning a scaley green thing twice her size to the floor, her teeth against its neck just hard enough to establish dominance without breaking the thing's skin.

When she sensed Eliot had come in, she looked up, wagged her tail once, and expertly flipped the thing over onto its stomach with her paws, then grabbed it by the back of the neck and dragged it, flailing weakly, to the front door. Eliot followed after and opened it up, and the puppy trotted outside, flung the thing down onto the front walk, and barked at it until it went scurrying away into the bushes. She looked back up at Eliot, head cocked, then looked where the monster had gone, then back at Eliot.

"Yeah," Eliot said. "Alright." He stepped back from the door, giving the puppy room to come trotting back in. "Come on, then, Val. Let's get some breakfast."

Valentine the puppy yipped happily and followed along at his heels, the teeniest bit of gremlin scale still caught in her teeth.

[ooc: and thus ends the saga of Eliot being adopted by a puppy. Open for interaction if anyone is interested!]