January 18th, 2015


Eliot's house, late enough Saturday night to technically be Sunday morning

Eliot didn't always answer phone calls from Hardison with a growl. Just the ones he got after midnight on a day spent attempting to keep the weird ass weather from destroying his rooftop garden -- followed by a night spent attempting to get the damned glitter out of his hair.

"Well hello to you, too, Grumpy," Hardison answered. Eliot sighed and ran a hand through his hair, sprinkling glitter onto his carpet.

"You have any idea how late it is, Hardison?"

"Not too late for you, Mr. 'I only sleep 90 minutes a night'."

Yeah, okay, that was a point. "What do you want?"

"I sent you a link."

". . . A what?" Eliot scowled. "Like a computer thing?"

"Man, how are you -- Yes. It's a computer thang. Who are you even talking to? Open up that computer I know you have and check your damn email already!"

"Geez." Eliot grinned. "And you call me grumpy." He pulled his laptop out of the drawer he kept it in and opened it up, poking around at it a bit longer than necessary just to keep Hardison riled up before opening the email.

And then groaning.

"I'm just wondering," Hardison said gleefully. "Where are you two registered? I mean, I gotta get my man a good wedding present. Do you have china patterns picked out yet?"

"Dammit, Hardison." Eliot slammed the laptop shut. "It ain't even spelled right!"

"It's his sense of humor, right? I've always thought a man's sense of humor was his sexiest feature --"

Eliot hung up on him.

[ooc: eh, had to be done.]