December 22nd, 2014


Outside the Baltimore Jewish Museum of Maryland, Monday

If Eliot had to get glared at by one more tiny little Jewish woman, he was going to hit something.

. . . Else. Something else. His hand was letting him know in no uncertain terms that it was too early to have taken the cast off of it, but that damn Jewish mafia boss hadn't been willing to take neyn for an answer.

The fact that he'd been dressed up as a rabbi hadn't helped matters in the least. What the hell did those little old Jewish ladies have in their handbags, bricks?

"There," he said, checking with his finger to make sure that last lady's handbag hadn't dislodged his comm. "We've saved Hannukah. Are you happy now?"

At least he wasn't wearing a Santa suit, this time.

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[ooc: preplayed with the lovely and soon to be arriving whoisalicewhite. Non-IC and NFB due to distance, yadda.]