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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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75 Godiva, Tuesday
Eliot stared down at the white ferret that was supposed to be Parker, currently curled up on the teddy bear that had until very recently had been Hardison. The ferret looked perfectly cozy and content. Not that he'd become a professional ferret interpreter at any point in the recent past. Not even after Parker had already been one for several weeks over Christmas.

The teddy bear just looked like a teddy bear. A fact which was freaking Eliot the fuck out. It wasn't an alien being that just happened to look like a teddy bear. It wasn't even an animatronic teddy bear. It was a goddamn stuffed toy. His partner turning into a living, breathing animal, he could handle -- just barely. His partner turning into an inanimate object?

"I fucking hate this place sometimes."

The ferret shifted her weight on the teddy bear's belly, triggering a little voice box recording of Hardison's voice saying "I wuv you beary much!"

Eliot dropped his head into his hands and swore for three solid minutes.

[ooc: establishy! Hardison-bear modded with permission.]