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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

over the shoulder-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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Loft above Luke's, Friday evening
"Well, the good news is, the freezer downstairs is still runnin'." Eliot shoved his hair off his face, still soggy from his trek over. He hadn't seen rain like that since -- well at least since they'd left Portland.
"So we don't have to worry about trying to get rid of a literal ton of spoiled turkey. Or angry polar bears. The bad news is it's a damn fusion reactor and it doesn't have any outlets on it that I could find, so we can't use it to power Hardison's toys." He shrugged and looked around the exceedingly dark loft, eerily lit only by the happily crackling fire in the magical fireplace and not by the dozens of monitors and screens that usually bathed the place in soft blue. "We can either camp out here, or truck it over to my place, which at least has more windows."

But would require going back out in the rain. Which was fine with Eliot, since he couldn't actually get any wetter, but probably wasn't going to be on Hardison's agenda any time soon.

[ooc: for the residents of the loft and the slowest of slowplays. Yay blackout!]

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," Hardison snorted. "Let's go runnin' around in the rain up an' down a buncha stairs! We can see who breaks their neck first!"

Hardison. It would be Hardison.

"Why the hell would we run?" The visibility was far too low out there for running. Also: "You can't outrun rain, Hardison."

"Oh, so we'd walk all the way there? That sounds even better," Hardison snarked. "And then we can sit in the darkness there instead!"

He didn't like not having access to his toys.

"More windows," Eliot repeated. "More light. Also more fireplaces, since I got more rooms." He shrugged and went over to the kitchen to wring his hair out over the sink. Val, on the other hand, seemed perfectly content to shake her wet fur out on her way over to say 'hi' to Hardison. "But, sure, we can sit around here and stare at all the computer stuff you can't currently use instead."

Hardison made a disgruntled noise in his throat. Everything about this was extremely unsatisfactory, from the lack of electricity to the trail of dog-scented water that Val was leaving behind. "We can only stare into one fireplace at a time," he said. "An' if we're here, we can be close to my systems as soon as the power comes back on."

"Suit yourself. Might be awhile, though. Last time, the power was out for at least a couple days." Eliot's amusement at Hardison's discomfort would turn into empathy any moment now, he swore. He was just so cute when he was grumpy!

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"This is really convenient," Parker marveled, already starting to shed wet clothing and get closer to the fire. "Sometimes the Island really gets stuff right. Can we toast marshmallows here?"

"So long as you don't end up settin' anything but the marshmallow on fire," Eliot said. "'Snice of the place to set up heating when the power goes down."

"I've got more skills than that," Parker scoffed, retrieving a blanket from the couch and draping it around herself like a toga-burrito. "Does Megabyte get scared during storms?" Was she going to tear apart Eliot's house while they were gone?

No, but that was at least partially because Eliot brought her with him ,belatedly in the thread above. "She does alright. Little bit of extra barking, but storms set lots of folks on edge."

Eliot himself, for example. Though he had a lot more experience playing it cool.

"Good. Although I will hug her more if she needs it," Parker said soberly. "Also if any ghosts show up. Nobody died in this diner, did they?"

See, that would set Parker on edge. And in need of hugs.

"Dunno," Eliot admitted. "But someone's usually died most places you go. Doesn't mean they're haunted."

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"...Well, I'm startin' to see a few benefits," Hardison allowed, watching Parker.

Parker first gave him a questioning look, then a grin when she realized how he was looking at her. "You're all drenched too, you know." Suggestion! Join Parker by the fire!

"You know, mama, I think you're right," Hardison said, reaching up to pull off his shirt. "I don't wanna get sick, after all."

Uhh, about that...