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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

team-face, action trio-face
Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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Loft above Luke's, Friday morning


Hardison was idly poking about on the net when his phone dinged at him--a very distinctive noise, as Eliot would say, one he'd programmed to sound only under very specific circumstances. Intrigued, he checked his phone and then pulled up the surveillance feeds at BWI to verify. Yup, no doubt about it. Mr. Tom and Mrs. Sarah Jane Baker were standing around waiting for what Hardison was guessing was a ridiculous amount of luggage for what would likely be only a three day stay. And, if Hardison knew Mrs. Sarah Jane Baker as well as he thought he did--and he thought he knew her very well, by this point--they would have more before they left.

"Yo, we have incoming," he called, tapping a key to project the surveillance feeds up on the bank of screens on the living room wall. "Looks like we're about to have some surprise visitors."


Eliot was instantly on the alert.

More on the alert.

"What kind of 'surprise visitors'?"

That phrase had an unfortunate tendency to mean 'the Butcher of Kiev is at this wedding', in Eliot's experience.


Parker hopped off the bookcase to look at the security feeds, and then grinned wide. "Do they actually think they're being sneaky?"

That was not answering Eliot's question, and that grin might or might not calm him down.


"Pretty sure they do," Hardison said, chortling. Was he too amused to answer Eliot or did he just like letting his boyfriend sweat a little? The world might never know. "Betcha ten bucks he thinks he's gonna catch us off guard. Catch us all flat-footed an' vulnerable."


Eliot growled and stalked over to take a look for himself. Then reached over to whack Hardison (gently) upside the head. "Dammit, Hardison."


"Sophie's probably just humoring him. And wanting to go shopping," Parker said, tilting her head at the screen. "Why'd you whap him?" Although she could guess. "They should stay at Eliot's place, he has more rooms."


"Yeah, man, why'd you whap me?" Hardison asked, grinning at Eliot. "Maybe we should all stay there. It'll be nice to have the full crew under one roof again." His expression turned hesitant. "Unless you think it'll be better for me'n Parker to stay here?"


"You two know you're welcome any time," Eliot said. As for Nate and Sophie. . . . The idea of Nate in his house, making little smirky faces at everything wasn't the best he'd ever heard, but. . . . "Them, too. If they haven't already made other plans."


"Sophie might've insisted on a hotel. Just in case. Also to get away from Nate sometimes." Because sometimes, you had to storm off from Nate or he wouldn't realize he'd crossed a line. Parker leaned over Hardison's shoulder, and snickered. "They're getting a cab for the island. You realize this means Nate will have to ride in a rickshaw eventually?" Heeee.


"Just checkin'," Hardison said, but his smile grew and warmed. "Is it just me or is it gonna be fun watchin' Nate's face as he figures out what we got goin' on now?"

Sophie would probably understand immediately, based on some weird body language that none of them even knew was a thing, but Nate was...Nate.

"So, what do you think? Should we let 'em think we're surprised?"


Was he kidding? Sophie had probably known about the three of them before the three of them did.

"Might as well humor them."

[ooc: mini-preplay to allow for AFK weekend adventures!]