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What, was "Rudy" on cable last night?

. . . Yes.

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Eliot Spencer vdistinctive
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CMA Music Festival, Nashville, TN, Saturday night
It was hot and muggy and extremely crowded. The final act of the night -- Carrie Underwood -- was taking the stage and the crowd, exhausted but buzzing from a full day in the sun, still managed to let out one hell of a roar.

Eliot, Hardison, and Parker were up high in the back of the stadium, kicking back, in part to get away from the crowds, and in part to give Hardison room to get his eye rolling and and terrible country accents out of his system before he managed to get someone to throw a swing at him.

Again. Throw a swing at him again. Eliot had already finished two fights for Hardison since they got to town, and as much as he enjoyed it, they were trying to keep at least a little bit of a low profile. Country music could have a long memory, and there were still a few hardcore "Craniacs" out there who might recognize his one-hit-wonder persona.

[ooc: for the blonde one, the other one being permissibly modded.]

Parker was sorting through the wallets she'd absent-mindedly appropriated while they were in the crowds, just out of curiosity. She was going to drop them off at the Lost & Found, also without anyone noticing. After the concert.

"This music hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be," she told Eliot.

"Not as -- Parker, these people are literally the best in the country."

At country. Which admittedly was not everyone's tastes. But still.

"It shows," Parker agreed, as Hardison snorted on the other side of Eliot. "I liked that Deana person." She frowned at one wallet, and carefully removed a black Visa. "We know this guy. He's on our list. We'l be charging stuff to him later."

"List?" Eliot frowned at the wallet. "What, like of potential --"

"Eliot? Eliot!"

Eliot froze. Getting recognized in a public place tended to mean danger. He scanned the crowd in full hitter mode -- then brightened.

"Kaye Lynn!"

"Yes, that list of--"

Oh. Hello. Blonde person from three years ago who Eliot kissed. And more stuff.

"Kaye Lynn. Hello."

Eliot stood up to welcome Kaye Lynn with a big hug -- and was pulled into a very enthusiastic kiss.

Mmm. She always was good at that.

"Parker," Kaye Lynn said over his shoulder when she was done. "Hardison. I had no idea you folks were gonna be in town!"

Parker reached for Hardison's hand to find him reaching back. That helped.


"We're here with Eliot. Kind of a mini-vacation." Hardison got him those tickets. And.

Right. And what?

"...you look good?" Kissing Eliot.

Right, so. This was awkward. "Yeah, uh. We're. Um." Eliot frowned.

He'd never had to deal with this sort of situation before.

"So you're not here to save another up and comin' country star, huh?" Kaye Lynn said, either oblivious to or outright ignoring the awkward. "Well, I guess that's a relief."

"You don't need saving, do you?" Parker leaned into Hardison, aware of his fingers lacing with hers. "Or, wait. Are you - performing?" She shot Eliot a look, wondering if he had been missing the music. Or Kaye Lynn herself.

"Me? Here?" Kaye Lynn shook her head. "Naw, my brother'n I haven't made it that far just yet. We're on our way, though, all thanks to you." She looked at Eliot, smiled, then looked over at Parker and Hardison again to include them in the thanks.

Eliot shrugged, full on 'aw shucks' mode. "I keep tellin' you, Kaye Lynn, that's all you."

"If you say so." Kaye Lynn smiled up at him again, clearly anticipating another fling. Eliot tried not to grimace. "I should get you a copy of our latest single. It's called 'Promises'."

Was that Hardison's teeth grinding, or hers?

"So," Parker said, sure her voice might be too loud, but just then Carrie Underwear started singing. Maybe it wasn't noticeable? "You're still living in Memphis? How's your brother?"

"Good!" Kaye Lynn pulled a half-step back again, turning to look at Parker properly. "Real good. He still can't play, but he's writin' music usin' his computer these days. We actually sold a backing track to Carrie's people, one we didn't have lyrics for. I hear she's going to use it on her next album!"

"That's great!" Eliot said, taking the opportunity to move back to his seat next to Parker. Kaye Lynn sat down on the back of the row in front of them, body still angled towards Eliot though she did a better job of addressing all three of them, now. "How's the lawsuit against Kirkwood goin'?"

"Slow as all hell," Kaye Lynn sighed. "Our lawyer said the murder trial is what's makin' it take so long. We got enough to cover expenses, though, even includin' my brother's hospital bills, and record sales are goin' up, so I can't complain too much."

"Cool. I'm glad he's doing better." Hearing all that put Parker in a slightly better mood, reminding her that she did like Kaye Lynn when they first met her, and she was *really* glad Kirkwood was probably suffering through that trial. "We should check on that," she mused aloud. "Just to make sure it's going okay..." She bumped her shoulder into Hardison's, so he'd know what to research when they got back to the hotel. "We're based out of Baltimore now. If you really need us."

Internally, she was having a What Would Sophie Or Tara Do? moment.

"Baltimore, huh?" Kaye Lynn winked at Eliot. "That's even almost the south."

Eliot sighed. "No," he said. "It's a whole other universe."

"Poor southern boy," Kaye Lynn teased. "So where are Nate and Sophie? I can't quite picture them rocking out down in the crowd."

Was Eliot still southern if he left the south U.S.? Was that a thing?

"They got engaged, and decided to leave the firm," Parker said, tucking her feet under her. Carrie Whoever was singing really well, to be honest. About wrecking some guy's 4x4 with a bat and some knives. Sing it, Carrie! "They're in Portland, Sophie's directing community theater and stuff."

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